How much is Auto Insurance for a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible?

How much is Auto Insurance for a Volkswagen Beetle?
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Allstate Insurance Company's website offers an anonymous "ballpark estimate" auto insurance calculator, where we learn the following, regarding a 2010 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible:
More Details:

"Ballpark estimated cost" for insuring (through Allstate) a 2010 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible; 2.5L; 2Dr; 5 Cyl. vehicle in Pomfret, CT; zip code 06258; by a 25 year old single male who rents, has excellent bill paying history, 0 accidents in the last 5 years, 5 years of continuous auto insurance company length, as primary driver; and a 22 year old single female, with 0 accidents in the last 5 years as secondary driver.

Calculated Cost:  From Allstate's Value Package 'Silver Basic' cost of $610 to Allstate's Platinum Package Enhanced Plus! cost of $840.
Auto insurance estimates typically given in 6 month coverage cycles.

All insurance costs are determined by a lot of variables, including auto insurance. We can provide a "ballpark" figure for a particular set of variables; and through a particular auto insurance company, by way of their online auto insurance calculator. 

Some of the variables that go into auto insurance costs are:
-State, city, county, zip code
-Insurance coverage options
-Drivers' ages, driving records, bill-paying habits, home-ownership, employment, length of time with insurance providers.
-Vehicle make, model, year, style, safety features.
-Typical commuting and annual mileage.
-And there are others.

In order to arrive at a more meaningful or more detailed Auto insurance estimate, contact an insurance agent, or visit insurance company websites.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest