What Is Accpac?

A look at the Accpac ERP software application for accounting.
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Accpac is the name for the Sage ERP Accpac product line of accounting applications. This software primarily focuses on small to medium sized businesses, and customers seem to like the software because of its ease of use, advanced architecture, and customizability.
More Details:

In 2007, this application package was named to be the top ERP software for companies with less than five hundred employees. The company that produces this software is The Sage Group. This software package is Windows based, so your users are able to run it on a computing platform that they are already familiar with. On the back end, this software is able to interface with a variety of database platforms. If you do not have the technical expertise on staff to be able to support your implementation internally, you also have the option to have Sage host your environment for you so they can manage the database for you.

This software also works with multiple languages and currencies. Originally, this software was developed for the CPM operating system during the 1970s. Later, during the 1980s, it moved to MS-DOS and the IBM PC. The original Windows release came out in 1994.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest