How Can I Sell Perfumes?

This article is about ways to sell perfumes.
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Perfume is a luxurious cosmetic item that is easy to afford and is widely used around the world.
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Today, there are many brands of perfumes are present in the market and thousands of new brands of perfumes are launched annually due to the presence of lucrative market behind. Cosmetic industry is a highly competitive industry and therefore one needs to follow successful marketing strategies in order to sell perfumes. The various tips of selling perfumes are given below: -
(1) Make sure that you are abiding by all the rules and regulations regarding selling of the perfume and if you need permission for selling than apply for it.
(2) Try to offer a money-back guarantee to your potential buyer in case if they are not satisfied with the perfume.
(3) Provide your business card with your every product so that if customers are interested they may reach you later.
(4) Build your sales skills by reading sales manual, references and training courses.
(5) Seek an attractive package for your perfume with attractive images on the perfume bottle.
(6) Display your perfumes at local shops, hair-salon, or spa by offering them bulk discount or wholesale price of your product.
(7) Advertise your product online on various auction sites like ebay or create your own website and include a link in such auction websites.
(8) Send press release and samples of your perfumes to perfume industry publications, authors of online perfume blogs, beauty magazines and local newspaper.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest