What Is A Boutique Hotel?

The article defines boutique hotels.
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A boutique hotel's definition is quite vague. However, a boutique hotel is characterized by its stylish, intimate and impeccable amenities.  Boutique hotels are also known as designer hotels and lifestyle hotels. Though this type of hotel is small, some other boutique hotels have rooms ranging from one, up to less than a hundred. In big cities, botique hotels have already over a hundred rooms. 

More Details:

The first ever boutique hotels were said to be the Bedford of San Francisco and The Blake’s Hotel of London. The original boutique hotels were named as: The Morgans Hotel of Murray Hill, N.Y. and the Hotel Village Court of San Francisco. 

Boutique hotels are classified to be historic and sometimes hip. They have unique themes, designs and architecture. Some boutique hotels are created within a theme; either a themed room or an overall-theme type of boutique hotel.

This type of hotel suits vacationers, businessmen and honeymooners. Primarily, its target market is people with ages 25- 55, who belong to the middle or upper level of the income bracket. Some other boutique hotels also target corporate travelers, who would usually provide repetitive business services to the hotel and refer someone. 

The goal of boutique hotels is to uplift the level of personalized service that is not available in large hotels. Some boutique hotels also offer canopy beds, fireplaces and bath robes, as well as, good food choices, body and mind themes and also on-site bookstores. 

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest