What Are Examples Of Hotel Amenities?

Give examples of Hotel amenities.
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Generally, hotel amenities cover the services, shops and supplies of a certain hotel. These amenities vary from one hotel to another. The most expensive one is considered to be a high class hotel, while those with budget accommodations, only have the basics.
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All hotels generally supply linens and towels. They also offer additional blankets, as well as, drinking glasses and ice buckets. Some hotels also provide ice machines for guests. They also provide vending machines. Other hotel amenities include mini bars, coffee makers, as well as, vials of lotion and shampoo. Cheaper hotels usually provide assorted fine soaps, slippers and fluffy robes; while budget hotels have in-room televisions. Big hotels offer game player stations and free movie channels. Kitchenettes, with microwave, fridge and internet access, are also part of these amenities. Food delivery for room service is a standard rule for hotel amenity. Laundry service is another coverage, wherein the staff takes the garments of the guests' rooms, when clothes need to be cleaned. For luxurious accommodations like hotels, they provide babysitting and dog sitting services for their clients. Swimming pools are one of the most common amenities in a hotel, although, not all hotels have spa facilities. They also offer shuttle buses when hotels are near a tourist area. Moreover, salons and restaurants are available for the guests to enjoy.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest