What Items Are Banned In Commercial Flights?

The article enumerates items banned in commercial flights.
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Air travel has many advantages. For one, you can reach your desired destination at te fastest time possible without straining your body too much. Nevertheless, there are also some discomforts and inconvenience that goes along with it, especially in terms of the types of things which you are allowed to place in  your luggage.
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First and foremost, include only the most basic things which you will need for your trip. Unless you will be staying in your place of destination for several years, you need not carry too much inside your luggage. You may simply carry basic hygiene requirements, clothes, and important documents.

In contrast, you should remove any weapons in your bag like knives, ropes, flares, fire arms, and other bladed weapons including tools and sporting equipments that could also be used as weapons, such as baseball bats, ice skates, hockey stick, and the like. Unless you have sufficient documents which give you the right to carry these items, all of these are banned in commercial flights

Chemicals like pepper spray, bleach, and tear gas should also removed because these could cause health problems, physical damages, and unwanted explosions during the flight. Nevertheless, asthma inhalers may be allowed if and only if the one carrying it is bringing a doctor’s prescription notice, and likewise for bottled ****** milk in case one is traveling with a child.
answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest