What does Duty Free mean?

What does Duty Free mean and what is the duty free limits per person?
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Duty free is a term that refers to the total value of the goods or merchandise you are allowed to bring back into the country without paying an additional duty.  Generally, there is a limit of $400, which also carries a limitation on the amount of alcohol and tobacco that can be included in this amount.
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You are eligible for the duty free exemption if the following criteria are met: You will quality for a duty free exemption if the Items you buy are for personal or home use. If you are traveling outside the country, and you return beyond a 48-hour period, the exemption will apply.  You can expect the duty free exemption to apply if you visit the Virgin Islands or Mexico-no matter how long you plan on staying. It is a good idea to keep as many purchased items with you as possible because items shipped directly to your home may not qualify for the duty free status.

Goods purchased will also be considered duty free if your exemptions fall within 30 days of each other. It can also be beneficial to check to see if a $200 exemption applies if you are still under the time limit.  You can declare any items you have that were not with you at the time of departure from the United States-and this applies even if you are wearing them.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest