What is the Longest Cruise?

What is the Longest Cruise?
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Silversea currently offers a 126-day luxury world cruise that docks at 61 ports on six continents.  It costs $52,794 for the entire cruise, but passengers can also choose certain legs of the trip.  Silversea ships offer no children's programs and few enrichment programs, although there is usually a golf pro to instruct passengers on the ship.  Ships offer all suites and gourmet food.
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Crystal Cruises is planning a 2009 world cruise that consists of seven parts – passengers can sign up for one or more legs of the trip, which will total 106 days, visit four continents, and cost $54,135 per person.  Crystal Cruises offers a creative arts program for passengers, as well as an enrichment program teaching about culture, history, art, wine, food, and golf, among other subjects.

Cunard Cruise Lines offers a 109-day world cruise that departs on the world's most famous ship, the Queen Elizabeth II and comes back on the Queen Mary II.  This cruise will travel through the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Panama Canal, and other bodies of water, departing from and returning to New York.  This cruise features gourmet food and luxury accommodations.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest