What are the least expensive Cruises?

What are the most affordable Cruises and what do these cruises lines offer for such an affordable amount?
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Traveling abroad should be fun, but it should not have to cost an arm or a leg!  Some of the things to consider will be the overall pricing of the cruise. This will of course vary from destination to destination. If you can, try and avoid peak traveling seasons.  Popular vacation seasons usually have prices that are inflated, and this is quite common in the industry.
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Another rule of thumb is to never wait until the last minute in booking your cruise. Booking a cruise is much like the airlines industry in this manner. The key is to avoid the popular seasons and times of year that most people travel.

Be very clear and up front to the booking agent what you are looking to spend, and what you expect in return for your hard-earned dollar.  Be sure to include your destination charges to and from the Cruise port.  A plane ticket to a Florida port maybe significantly less than a plane ticket to a California port depending on where you live.  Finding a good bargain is one thing, but finding a cruise that will suit your needs is quite another! 

The least expensive cruises are as follows:
Princess Cruises
has the most affordable Cruise Line cruise available.  They are currently offering a $99 cruise from Seattle to Vancouver.  For $99 your getting a fantastic view, an entertaining evening, great food and a nice rest where you will wake the next day in your port.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
currently has a $199 Cruise.  It's a 2 night Bahamas Cruise on the Navigator Of The Seas.  Your port will be Fort Lauderdale and you'll enjoy a relaxing 2 night cruise on one of the nicest Cruise Lines in the world.

Carnival Cruise Lines is the "fun ship" vacation that thousands of travelers enjoy each year.  The fun you can expect to have is legendary!  Carnival Cruise lines has Cruises as low as $300 per person not including your plane tickets.  Don't expect a long cruise but for $300 even 3 or 4 days is a great deal.   The $300 cruises are short ones, you take off out of port in Miami or Port Canaveral and do a nice 3-4 day cruise around the Caribbean.  Not too shabby for $300!

Princess Cruises is an absolute vacation away from the "routine".  The Princess Cruise will be forever be associated with the "Love Boat" image-and that is a good thing!  These beautiful ships have something for everyone, and with more ships being added to the fleet-good times await!  The Norwegian Cruise Lines offers fine dining for those that enjoy a hearty meal. You will be able to eat whatever you have a craving for, and at whatever hour you choose in addition to the many fine destinations of interest on your tour.

Celebrity Cruises is positioned between "upscale" and pure affordable fun. This cruise is sort of a hidden treasure in the cruise industry, and offers great customer service, world-class entertainment, and award winning food at prices you can afford.  Finding the perfect cruise at the perfect price is simply a matter of good planning.

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There are lots of cruises that offer various packages and discounts. However, first you have to pick your cruise destination that is within your budget. There are lots of destinations where you can travel for cheap. If you do look for some good cruise lines like http://www.koshertravelers.com/cruises/koshercruises.asp?expandable=0  and royal cruises that offer competitive rates, making your dream of sailing to your fascinating destinations can become true.
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