What Is A Matrix?

This article is about Matrix, its meanings and significance in different subjects.
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A Matrix is defined as the general term that has different meanings in different subjects or areas.
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In mathematics and computer science, a matrix refers to the set of numbers that are laid out in a tabular form (in rows and columns). The item present in a matrix is commonly known as an entry or an element. Matrices of the same size can be added and subtracted entry wise whereas matrices of the compatible sizes can be multiplied. In chemical analysis, matrix refers to the sample’s components other than the analyte. Such components of a sample often have a significant effect (known as matrix effects) on the process of analysis as well as the result obtained.

In biology, matrix refers to the material (or tissue) which is present between the animal or plant cells and contains specialized structures that are embedded. The internal structure of the connective tissues is known as an extracellular matrix. In hot metal typesetting, matrix refers to the mold that can be used for casting the letters called sorts which in turn is utilized in letterpress printing.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest