How Can I Change My Fingerprint?

This article is about change my Fingerprints.
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Fingerprints are impressions of the pattern of ridges on the palmar surface of an individual’s each finger and thumb.
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There can be different reasons for which one can be interested to change the Fingerprints and the reasons can be a personal, criminal, or just for the scientific research. Generally, Fingerprints can’t be changes permanently as they are unique and can even distinguish between two identical twins. However, there are ways by which one can change Fingerprints temporarily or modify slightly to fool the identification process a little bit. The various ways to change the Fingerprints are listed below: -
(1) Serious injuries can leave scarring which in turn can change the Fingerprints to some extent but the new Fingerprint obtained is again permanent and unique.
(2) Some diseases like eczema or psoriasis may cause temporary disturbances in the original pattern of Fingerprints but upon healing the Fingerprints will return to the original pattern.
(3) Minor cuts or abrasion can also change the Fingerprints.
(4) However, the best way is to wear white cotton gloves or latex gloves when handling objects so that there is no need to change the Fingerprints as in such a case, Fingerprints will not be available on the object you handled.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest