What Is Sanitation?

A look at various sanitation methods
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Sanitation is the term that is used fro the promotion of good health by preventing human contact with wastes and their hazards. These hazards can be of several different types, including physical, microbiological, biological, or chemical.
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The wastes that can cause health problems include human and animal feces, solid wastes, domestic wastewater (including sewage, sullage, and graywater), industrial wastes, and agricultural wastes. The methods of preventing disease from these sources include the following: engineered solutions (sewers and wastewater treatment),simple technology (latrines, septic tanks), and personal hygiene (washing hands with soap).

Some of the various types of sanitation include the following: basic sanitation (the management of human feces at the household level), on site sanitation (the collection and treatment of waste being completed where it is deposited), food sanitation (hygienic methods for ensuring the safety of food), environmental sanitation (the control of environmental factors that control the links in disease transmission), and ecological sanitation (an approach to recycling and returning the nutrients to nature).

In the age of the Romans, Roman cities and villas had advanced sanitation systems for their time. Water was delivered in the streets of the towns, and they built stone and wooden drains to collect and remove the wastewater.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest