What Is System Software?

This article is about System Software, its meaning, description and difference from application software.
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System Software is defined as the computer software which is designed to operate the computer hardware as well as provide a platform to run application software.
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System software is often a collection of programs with several components parts, especially the operating system (OS). Some other key system software includes utilities, device drivers, and language translators. Utilities often consist of a variety of specialized programs which can be applied across application programs. Basic utilities consist of trouble-shooting and diagnostic program. Some other utilities consist of backup programs, file compression and antivirus programs. Every peripheral connected to the computer must consist of device driver which in turn is supplied by peripheral manufacturers although device drivers for basic components like mouse and keyboards are included in the system.

System software differs from application software in the sense that latter is optional while system software is necessary; one system software is complete in its own and no computer require more than one form of system software while the application software can be placed on the computer in large number; and lastly system software is independent and don’t required application software while the application software runs only in the presence of system software.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest