How to Adopt a Child?

This article is about adopting a child.
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Adoption is a long term process which often involves a lot of time varying from few months to years and paperwork, yet the rewards of adopting a child is far greater than any other factor which a couple may encounter.
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Adoption is a process which always proceeds according to the rules and regulations of the concerned state or country. When any couple either married or unmarried wants to adopt a child they are suppose to meet certain requirements for adoption like their eligibility for adoption including their age group which in turn depends on the age of child they want to adopt. The other requirements are financial position, physical and mental health, etc.

The general process for adoption includes following steps: -
(1) Decide on the choice of child you need like race, ethnicity, age, and special needs which will in turn affect the kind of Adoption Agency you need.
(2) Select an agency, either public or private depending on the whether you need domestic, or inter-country, or special need adoption.
(3) Check the agencies licensing and inquiry about their fees schedules.
(4) Complete an application form.
(5) Participate in the home study that will evaluate your eligibilities for adopting the child and this may take several months. 
(6) Once the process is completed and you are certified to adopt a child, you can.

In some states finalization of adoption is done after you have completed few successful months along with the child.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest