What Is IT Governance?

This article is about Information Technology (IT) governance, its meaning, goals, necessity, and associated problems.
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IT Governance, also known as Information Technology Governance, is defined as the process of tracking, measuring and controlling the organizational routines and initiative through utilization of wide range of IT measures.
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IT governance is one of the subset disciplines of corporate governance that emerged in 1993. IT governance is mainly focused on the information technology (IT) system, their performance and risk management. The IT governance is necessary for an organization as it tends to ensure include that the investment in IT will generate business value, and mitigate the risks associated with IT, avoiding the failure. This can be achieved through implementation of organizational structure with well-defined roles for the responsibilities of information, business processes, applications and infrastructures.

IT governance is often confused with good management practices as well as IT control frameworks. IT governance is best clarified by ISO 38500 as the management system that is used by directors as the stewardship of IT resources on behalf of stakeholders who are expecting some form of return from their investment.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest