What Is Empire Cherifien?

A look at coins from French Morocco, and the words stamps on them.
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For those of you that collect coins, you may have come across a coin with the words “Empire Cherifien” stamped on them. These coins are coins from French Morocco from 1921.
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In 1957, this became the currency of all of Morocco, and it was circulated until 1974. In 1921, under the reign of Yusuf, these coins were introduced. The 25 centimes coin had a **** in the center, and was minted with several different Privy marks based on where it was minted. At the same time, the 50 centimes coin was also introduced. In 1974, this coin was superseded by a different currency.

All of these coins are easily identified as coinage from the French Moroccan period by the presence a one of the following two legends being stamped on the coin: “Empire Cherifien,” or “Maroc.” Commonly these coins will have both legends stamped on them, but all will have at least one of these two legends stamped on them. All of these coins will also have either a five pointed star or a Star of David prominently featured prominently on the coins, and many will have both of them on them.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest