How to Tie a Ribbon?

This article is about tying a Ribbon.
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The art of tying a Ribbon is easy to do and often enhances the beauty of the package.
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Ribbons are available in the market in variety of sizes, width, colors and one can purchase the desired Ribbon for the package on which it has to be tied. The are various techniques for tying a Ribbon like Butterfly bow, French bow, Double butterfly bow, Pile up bow, Number 8 Bow, and many more.

To tie a Ribbon, one has to first select a Ribbon depending on its size, color and width. Now cut the Ribbon to the desired length and form into 2 equal loops. Cross the right loop over the left loop. Knot both the loops by pushing the right one beneath the left loop. Tighten the loop and adjust the loops and tails to the same size, you can use scissors to cut the longer part. Now attach the bow to the package.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest