What Is Primavera?

This article is about Primavera.
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Primavera is a large rainforest canopy tree with botanical name Cybistax donnellsmithii and belonging to the plant family Bignoniaceae.
More Details:

Primavera can reach up to 100 feet in the natural rainforest with a straight clear bole up to 3-4 feet in diameter. Primavera consists of relatively smooth whitish bark and showy yellow flowers in large panicles. The wood of Primavera tree is very beautiful and commonly known as white mahogany because of its similarity with mahogany. Primavera has a fairly high luster and can be easily dried with little or no degradation and has excellent polishing and finishing characteristics. 

The various applications of Primavera include furniture making, cabinetry, decoration, figured veneer, moldings and high-class interior joinery, etc. Primavera trees are available only as a part of Premium Mixture.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest