How Can I Kill Privet Hedges?

This article is about methods to kill Privet Hedges.
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Privet Hedge, also known as Ligustrum sp., is a perennial shrub that has been grown from ancient times as an ornamental landscape plant which readily grows from seed or from root and stump sprouts.
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There can be reasons when one can decide to kill Privet Hedges as it can make you feel screened and private or imprisoned and blind to the outside world. The various ways to kill Privet Hedges are given below: -
(1) Mowing/Cutting Method is appropriate for controlling small initial populations or in areas where herbicides can’t be used. However, this method will not eradicate it completely.
(2) Hand Pulling Method is effective for removing the seedlings by manual pulling before they produce seeds. This method is much effective after a rain when soil is loose. Larger stems can be removed using a weed wrench.
(3) Biological Control Method: Privet Hedges don’t have any specific biological controls but one can introduce insects like Macrophya punctumalbum (foliage-feeding insect), Pseudocercospora ligustri (fungal leaf spot), Agrobacterium tumefaciens (root crown bacteria), etc. in order to kill it.
(4) Herbicidal Control Method: This in turn is divided into following sub-types: -
(a) Foliar Spray Method is considered best for large thickets of Privet Hedges, risk to non-target species is minimal and temperature is above 65°F. Apply a 2% solution of glyphosate or triclopyr in water with 0.5% non-ionic surfactant to wet the leaves in late fall or early spring.
(b) Cut Stump Method is considered best for individual bushes. Apply a 25% solution of glyphosate or triclopyr in water to cut stump and make sure to cover entire surface.

answered Dec 17, 2012 by answernest