How Can I Get Sober Fast?

This article is about ways to get sober fast.
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Many individuals like to drink alcohol and for them it becomes very difficult to avoid alcohol on different occasions, events and parties that have a lot of fun.
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One can be interested to sober up fast, if he/she is having early morning plans or just feel plain bad. However, there are no ways to sober up instantly but one can enhance the process by following the given steps: -
(1) Drink a lot of water in order to prevent a hangover and flush out the alcohol from your body as quickly as possible.
(2) Drink a few glasses of fruit juices containing Vitamin C and fructose in order to enhance the liver for processing the alcohol.
(3) Consume food items that are rich in carbohydrates and protein in order to replenish the energy stores of liver.
(4) Perform some exercises so that your body remain active which in turn helps to speed up the recovery process.
(5) Drink a glass of milk in order to coat stomach and prevent nausea.
(6) Take a cold shower in order to awaken your senses.
(7) Concentrate and focus on a particular activity like reading book or completing crossword puzzle.
(8) Consume activated carbon or charcoal capsules which in turn dissolve the alcohol that is left in the stomach.
(9) Sleep to take rest and thus allowing the body to clear the effects of alcohol.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest