How Much Sugar Is In Apples?

A look at the amount of sugar found in apples.
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Apples are an important addition to your diet. Not only do they have a lot of nutrients, fiber, and moisture, but their crunchiness also helps to keep your teeth healthy.
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The amount of sugar that you find in an apple is one of the important factors that determine how flavorful the apple is. The more sugar, the flavor it will have. The sugar content of an apple will directly depend upon the size and variety of the apple. Generally speaking, apples will average about three grams of sugar per ounce. According to information that I was able to get from the California Apple Commission’s Web site, a medium sized apple that weighs about five and a half ounces contains about sixteen grams of sugar. According to the Washington Apple Commission, a large eight ounce apple will contain about twenty five grams of sugar.

The variety of the apple will also have an impact on the sugar content. Red and golden delicious apples will contain between eleven and fifteen percent sugar. Granny Smith apples are between twelve and eighteen percent sugar. Gala apples contain between fourteen and sixteen percent sugar. Fuji apples are the sweetest variety, and they contain sixteen to eighteen percent sugar.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest