Are There More Common Cancer Types?

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Cancer can affect nearly every part of the human body. Cells in the body grow, divide, and produce more cells to function and perform their special tasks. When normal cells get imbalanced and an overgrowth of abnormal cells happen and it competes with the normal cells then it will cause cancer. The types of cancers are often named based on the organs it affects. For example Lung cancer is called that way because it affects the lungs.
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Scientists categorized the common types of cancer into five categories namely the Central Nervous System Cancers in which the brain and the tissues found in the spinal cord is affected. Carcinoma is the cancer that originates in the skin and the tissues that cover the organs.

Furthermore this type of cancer also affects the stomach, ******, liver, colon, and prostate. Another type of cancer is Leukemia, it begins in the bone marrow and in the tissues where in blood is formed; which causes to form abnormal blood cells. On the other hand Sarcoma starts from supportive tissue cells. Last type of cancer is Myeloma and Lymphoma, which develops in the cell that is located in the immune system.

Healthy lifestyle is promoted to all forms of cancer treatments. Ozone therapy is a safe option among other cancer treatments. It kills the cancer cells, which typically cannot survive with the presence of pure oxygen.

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