Where can I find restaurants near me?

Where can I find restaurants near me? We';ve compiled a list of resources to help you find the best Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Seafood, Steak, Greek and American Restaurants near you.
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Finding a restaurant that is close to your home or workplace is a simple enough task once you get the hang of it.  Perhaps one of the easiest ways to locate a restaurant near you is to search the yellow pages.  Even a cursory search through your local yellow pages, whether online or in hardcopy, should generate quite a list.  Additionally, your local newspaper often includes advertisements from local restaurants.
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However, if you have access to the Internet, I recommend visiting Restaurants.com . This search directory includes comprehensive lists of numerous restaurants by location and/or cuisine.  In fact, this particular website is one of the best that I have ever seen for locating a restaurant to dine at.  Even if you are going on vacation, you can look up a few restaurants before hand instead of relying on signs once you get there.

In fact, this website’s homepage includes links for major cities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.  Once you click any of these links, the site generates additional links for nearby cities, specific local neighborhoods, and types of cuisine.  Each of these links, if selected, generates a comprehensive list of restaurants in that particular category.

Each listing includes the following information about the restaurants: name, address, telephone number, and type of cuisine.  Furthermore, it includes additional information about the restaurant such as ratings by customers for the service, food, and atmosphere.  A scale that ranges from one dollar sign to four with one being the least expensive and four being the most expensive indicates the cost of the restaurant.  If available through the website links are included for the following: street maps that indicate the exact location, email contact for the restaurant, menus, and gift certificate acquisition.

Not as comprehensive as Restaurants.com but faster and easier to use is Google Maps .  Google Maps is now offering peer reviews of different Restaurants near you.  You enter a street, city or zip plus the type of food you want and it will show them on a map as well as contact information and reviews.  Google maps is also used if you have an iPhone so you can browse popular  dining options while out-and-about.

Another great place to discover information about restaurants is to check tour books, either in hardcopy or online.  These usually provide separate sections for each city listing the local restaurants and providing the same type of information as the Restaurants.com website.  AAA or the American Automobile Association is one of these.  It is available online at http://www.aaa.com/scripts/WebObjects.dll/ZipCode.woa/wa/route?stop=yes& .
CAA or the Canadian Automobile Association is another company that provides online tour books.  You can access its website at .

Finally, try the Food.QandAs Restaurant Guide .  We've compiled a directory of local Restaurants broken down by City and by Food type.  Select your State below to find Restaurants near you.

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