What Is The Meaning Of Double Brewed Coffee?

The article describes double brewed coffee.
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There are various ways that people from all over the world prepare coffee. This also goes with the different varieties of coffee since each coffee species produces a different flavour and body. The most common method of preparing coffee is by brewing. In this process, the ground coffee is infused with hot water in order to extract the flavour of the coffee grains.

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People have various preferences for their coffee. For those who prefer a lighter flavour, they only put a small amount of coffee grains into the coffeemaker. However, for those who prefer a stronger and bolder taste, there is a method called double brewing.

Double brewed coffee is considered stronger and fuller-bodied than coffee that has only been brewed once. There are two ways to prepare double brewed coffee. The first one is to put twice the amount of coffee into the coffeemaker without increasing the volume of water. This produces a stronger and darker beverage but could be uneconomical because a greater amount of coffee grains is used.

The other way to prepare double brewed coffee is to run the coffee grains through the coffeemaker twice. Although this saves the amount of coffee that is brewed, there is a tendency for the coffee to taste stale or to lose its flavour. It may also develop a bit of a sour taste.
answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest