What Is A Ground Coffee?

The article defines ground coffee.
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Legend has it that coffee was discovered accidentally when Kaldi, an Arabian shepherd, saw the effects of the coffee beans on his herd. The goats were grazing when they saw this shrub with some red fruit. After they had eaten of the fruit, the goats became unusually alert and active. When Kaldi saw such effects, he ate some himself. He too became more alert. Later on, some monks also used the coffee beans so they could sit through hours of prayer and meditation.

More Details:

Ground coffee first appeared in the Arabian Peninsula. Later on, it was traded with Egyptian merchants who sold the coffee in Cairo. The fame of the coffee’s potent effects soon spread in Europe where the beverage was consumed as part of their daily meals.

Ground coffee is simply coffee beans that have been crushed or milled to the desired size. Grinding coffee makes it easier to extract the flavour of the coffee. In addition, impurities in the coffee can be eliminated during grinding. The aroma is also released when the coffee is ground.

There are various ways of grinding coffee. Each process produces various effects in the taste of the coffee when it is brewed. Burring usually produces more uniform grains. In effect, this prevents overheating because the grains are distributed evenly in the coffeemaker. 

Grinding coffee with blades, on the other hand, chops up the coffee beans. The grains are uneven and are more prone to have a burnt taste because the smaller particles settled at the bottom.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest