What are the Five Basic Food Groups?

What are the major food groups?
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Many people today are taking a closer look at the living habits of older generations and what made people’s lives a little healthier.
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My guess is they made the right choices from the basic food groups and exercised a lot.  In the “old days“, moms and dads made more meals from scratch with less sodium , sugar and carbohydrates, than bought frozen food from the store or burgers at McDonald’s. And exercise wasn’t a once-a-week workout in a hot and sweaty gym, but part of one‘s everyday life.

Today, there are six basic food groups rather than five, and they are as important as they were then. Another change was the recommended amounts of each group that are now measured in cups and ounces instead of servings, making it easier to understand and select what works for each person.
A balanced mix of proper foods from the basic food groups should include:
         1. Lean meats, poultry, fish and beans: 5.5 ounces per day
         2. Milk and other dairy products: 3 cups a day
         3. Fruits, with emphasis on the fruit , rather than on juice alone: 2 cups per day
         4. Oils, from fish, nut and vegetable sources: Occasionally in small amounts.
         5. Vegetables, especially dark green and orange varieties, as well as, dry beans and peas: 2.5 cups daily
         6. Grains, with half the daily requirement in whole grains: 6 ounces.

Now, choose wisely and live healthier!

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest