What is a Domestic Beer?

What is a domestic beer, and how a domestic beer compares with an imported beer in terms of flavor balance, brewing techniques and reputation among beer drinkers.
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In the world of beer, there are basically two trains of thought-- domestic and imported. Any beer brewed within the borders of the United States would be considered a domestic beer, from the major commercial labels such as ********* and Coors to the smallest batch of microbrewed beer created in an amateur brewer's basement.
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Some beer purists consider many domestic beers to be of inferior quality compared to the imported beers brewed in Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries with a reputation for high quality brews.  Others believe the domestic beers produced in the United States, especially the smaller microbrews and specialty labels, are just as good as most imports.  The fact that many of the commercial domestic beers are mass produced for a worldwide market has led many with the impression that all domestic beers lack the attention to detail and flavor balance which make imported beers so appealing.

When it comes to defining a domestic beer, it all depends on which country you're standing in at the time.  A premium imported beer such as Heineken would be considered a domestic beer in Germany, while a Guinness would be considered one of the most basic domestic beers on tap in an Irish pub. The perception that a domestic beer is naturally inferior to an exotic imported variety is based on marketing as much as overall quality in many ways. An imported beer may have a higher percentage of alcohol by volume or a stouter consistency, but a good domestic beer can be just as satisfying without paying the higher premium for an imported label.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest