What are the largest Barbecue Competitions in the USA?

What are the largest barbecue competitions in the USA?
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The Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned American Royal Barbecue is THE largest barbecue contest...in the world...period!  The American Royal Barbecue is considered the season finale of the barbecue contest circuit, where contestants from all around the globe come to compete, share good food and good times.
The KCBS sanctions nearly 300 barbecue contests across the United States.
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That said, there are, of course, numerous smaller Barbecue Competitions. In the United States there are literally dozens of societies or associations similar to (and in some cases subject to) the KCBS.  There's the New England Barbecue Society (NEBS), the Florida Barbecue Association (FBA), the International Barbecue Cookers Association (IBCA), the California Barbecue Association (CBBQA), the Western Barbecue Association (WBBQA), and lots more.

Each of these groups holds numerous regional events, and many contestants at some of these events end up in State Championships and some even end up at the KCBS American Royal Barbecue season finale in Kansas City, where the best of the best come to share their taste-tempting barbecue recipes and compete for valuable prizes and cash awards.
answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest