What temperature should I grill hamburgers at?

What temperature should I grill hamburgers at, and what are some other tips for grilling burgers?
asked Dec 14, 2012 in BBQ / Grilling by answernest

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Grilling hamburgers is something I suspect most of us have dabbled in at one time or another.  Whether it was over an open campfire (on a makeshift grill), or on the most elaborately appointed stainless steel gas grill, there's something about a grilled burger that just seems to satisfy the taste buds like nothing else!
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Cooking hamburgers on a standard grill (whether gas or charcoal) is a simple process, although it can be tricky to get just the right amount of direct (food placed directly above the heat source) or indirect (food placed away from the heat source of the grill) placement to end up with that perfect combination of adequate doneness and savory juiciness!  Most expert grillers recommend cooking hamburgers by starting out with them directly over the heat, then moving them away from the heat to ensure thoroughly, but not overly cooked burgers.

To help ensure that your burgers are cooked thoroughly and safely, the internal temperature of the meat (beef) should be at least 140 degrees F for rare and 170 degrees F for well done hamburgers. 

Here's a couple more tips for grilling hamburgers:
o Cooking at medium to medium-high heat is recommended.
o Oiling your grill will help prevent the food from sticking.
o Of course, seasoning burgers while they're sizzling on the grill always helps get the salivary juices flowing!

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest