How can a new driver get cheap car insurance?

New drivers are seen by auto insurance companies as a high risk. However, first time drivers can get cheap car insurance if they follow a variety of guidelines about car features, a clean driving record, and more.
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Car insurance for first time drivers can be extremely expensive.  This is due to the fact that the company sees first time drivers – whether teenagers or adults – as a high risk, due to their inexperience.  Teenagers who are just getting their licenses are seen as the highest risk of all, as statistically they are much more likely to have an accident than any other group of drivers.  However, there are some ways  that new drivers can lower their rates somewhat.

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Auto insurance is required in the United States and many other countries.  It provides financial protection for new drivers, which may decrease their worry about driving.  It is important for a new driver to have insurance that at least covers the minimum amount for property damage and injuries.  However, first time drivers can make use of many different criteria to lower their insurance rates.  Some of these are advertised by auto insurance companies while others are ****** to find.

First of all, insurance will always be less on a car with extra safety features.  Airbags, anti-lock brakes, and automatic seatbelts are all examples of safety features that can lower your insurance rates.  Features that deter theft, such as LoJack and car alarms will also cut down on your insurance premiums.  Make sure you tell your insurance agent about any of these features that are present on your car.

Your car also makes a difference in your insurance premiums.  Well-built cars with a good safety record are cheaper to insure than any other type of car.  Sports cars and high-end cars can be very expensive.  If you are looking for cheap insurance, stick to functional, safe cars that aren’t flashy. 

Other factors to look for in car insurance for new drivers include group discounts, good student discounts, and good driver discounts.  Group discounts may be available for certain professions, such as educators, depending on your insurance company.  Students who maintain at least a B average can often qualify for good student discounts.  Finally, your driving record is a large factor in determining your insurance rates.  If you are a new driver, your record is clean – do your best to keep it that way!
answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest