How can I find out if my loved one had a Life Insurance Policy?

How can I find out if my loved one had a life insurance policy?
asked Dec 14, 2012 in Insurance by answernest

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If your loved one has passed away and you are unsure if a life insurance policy exists, you will need to do a little groundwork. If you are a named beneficiary, the insurance company will attempt to contact you when they find out about the death. Unfortunately, even if you are a beneficiary, if the insurance company has outdated information about you and your whereabouts, contacting you may be nearly impossible. Plus, they may not find out about the death for many months if not longer.
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If you have access to your loved ones financial records, look through them for insurance company (or agent) information. Contact all insurance contacts you find and inquire. Look through checkbook records for payments to life insurance companies and examine tax records for any interest earned on life insurance dividends. Check with the human resources department of the deceased’s employer and previous employers to see if a policy might have been purchased as part of the benefits package.

If these steps don’t yield any results, check your loved one’s state office of unclaimed property or the insurance department for help.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest