How Can I Become A King?

This article is about ways of becoming a King.
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The title of the King sounds luxurious and regal which often denotes royalty and power.
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The process of obtaining the title of King of a country was quite difficult in ancient times and is even much more difficult in these modern days. There are various ways by which one can become a King and these ways are listed below: -
(1) The most common part of becoming a King is to inherit it and the eldest son will become the King after your father’s death.
(2) In ancient times, a King can make a King. So research about those areas of the world where this method is being followed.
(3) Prepare yourself for the conquest in order to becoming a King of the particular country or Island or Tribe.
(4) Marry a member of the royal family of a Tribe in order to become a King.
(5) Start you own country or Tribe in order to become a King.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest