What Is The UFC?

A look at the martial arts sport that is known as the UFC.
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The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an extremely popular fighting sport that is quickly surpassing the popularity of many other similar sports. This sport combines both martial arts with traditional fighting into almost a street fight atmosphere.
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This is a sport that is extremely challenging for the participants. Some with years of training and having reached black belt status in martial arts fields such as karate or kung fu, often find that they are sorely overmatched. One of the fun things about watching this sport is that you will get to see a variety of martial arts disciplines matched against each other, including the following: Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Ninjitsu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Shootfighting, Judo, and many more styles. The first UFC event that was held was in November of 1993, and this sent shock waves throughout the martial arts community. The concept of an Ultimate Fighting Championship was conceived of by Robert Meyrowitz, Rorion Gracie, and Art Davie. This event was held and featured eight martial artists with different disciplines and experience levels in a winner take all type of tournament. The event was basically with no rules, and it was the first of its kind in North America.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest