What Is Polyamide Fabric?

A look at polyamide fabric and some of its features.
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Polyamide is a material that is a part of the meta-aramide family. By its nature, this material is not flammable, and this is a property that does not change.
More Details:

The chemical structure of this material contains a high proportion of aromatic structures and combined double bonds. This material is most commonly found is creating heat and fire protective clothing, but a new use in the filtration field has been developed. This is a smooth surfaced fiber material that has a cross section that is almost circular. This fabric also has a very high abrasion resistance, along with a thermal conductivity that it very low when compared to other materials. This material plays a big role is keeping firemen safe when they are trying to fight fires. The measurement metric that is used in order to measure the non flammability of the material is the Limited Oxygen Index (LOI). If this number is significantly higher that that of the air, then combustion will not be able to sustain itself if it burns. When this material is exposed to high temperatures, it will not melt. Instead, it will slowly char without dripping. This material allows the wearer to be able to safely move through a hazardous area.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest