How Can I Contact Don Imus?

This article is about ways to contact Don Imus.
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I don't want to upset you in anyway.  But, the poor guy in the '9-24' commercials you firmly criticized for saying 'ofTen' and not 'often' with a silent 'T' upset me.  I was upset when you critiqued the poor guy, as if you are the fount of correct language, talking to a blind Black guy.  I think he, if he's a real person, probably has more on his plate than a DJ from Texas's criticism.  Give him a break.
God bless you, Deirdre and Wyatt.  I got a sister named Deirdre.
Brendan Mahony
Don- too bad Diane Macedo, is no longer on your show. Laurie Rothman(sp??) appears very disengaged with the rest of the show. Does she have any idea the audience your show draws. Have Roger, come up with the money to bring Diane back.
Thanks, Tom Taylor, Tucson, Arizona
Yes, I think what Mr. Sterling was ******.  What about what Blacks say about Whites?  Jamie Foxx said on SNL, "kill all the white people".  Nobody said a word to that.  That is much worse than what Sterling said.
I have written a song that Imus and his staff might find amusing and useful , especially in the blonde on blonde segment. If there is any interest I would be happy to send the sheet music or a recording. Thank you and make it a better day. Tom Lynch
Please check out what Ron Kuby had to say about our military on veterans day....not hero's, do not deserve our admiration, etc.  I've listened since Moby Worm but will only watch on Fox.  Will Never listen to 770 again.
The song you want to play is BIG **** WOMEN by HORACE TREHAN.  It is a Zydeco dance song.  It is on YOU TUBE.
Jim Stallcup

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John Donald Imus, Jr. or just Don Imus is a well known American radio host, humorist, writer and philanthropist who was born on 23rd July, 1940 in Riverside, California, USA.
More Details:

Don Imus became popular after the success of his nationally-syndicated talk show; “Imus in the Morning” which airs throughout US on Citadel Media and is broadcasted on TV through Fox Business Network. Don Imus won many awards like 3 Marconi Awards, Major Marketing Personality of the Year (1992, 1997) and Network Syndicate Personality (1994).

Today, there are lots of fans of Don Imus and often these fans are interested to contact Don Imus. The various ways to contact Don Imus are given below: -
(1) Contact Don Imus at address: Don Imus, WFAN 660 AM Sports Radio, 34-12 36th Street, Astoria, New York, NY 11106, USA.
(2) To contact Imus program at WFAN, one can send email at address:, or
(3) Call “Imus in the Morning” program at 1-800-370-IMUS (4687) where Don Imus may also take the call.
(4) Don Imus maintain 3 residences i.e. an apartment in Manhattan, a cottage in Westport, Connecticut and Imus Ranch in Ribera, New Mexico. One can also contact him at these locations.
(5) One can also Don Imus at his press conference, social networking website, favorite destinations, or at his own official website:

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest
so what's the e-mail address for his show?
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