How Can I Contact Damien Echols?

This article is about ways to contact Damien Echols.
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Damien Wayne Echols or Damien Echols was born as Michael Wayne Hutcheson on 11th Dec, 1974 is one of the three men who were convicted in the killing of three 8-year old boys at Robin Hood Hills, West Memphis, Arkansas, on 5th May, 1993.
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Damien Echols have served 15 years in prison and sentenced to death for the crime which he has not done. However, there were no physical evidences, eyewitness testimony or motive tying the 3 local teens to the murders. Today, Damien Echols has seen significant support from many people including the numerous rock and pop musicians. Damien Echols has also published his memoirs, poetry, non-fiction which ultimately resulted in popularizing him.

Now, Damien Echols is seeking a new trial in Arkansas Supreme Court. One can be interested to contact Damien Echols and for contacting the address is:
Damien Echols SK 931,
2501, State Farm Road,
Tucker, AR 72168.

answered Dec 14, 2012 by answernest