How Can I Contact Ty Pennington?

This article is about contacting Ty Pennington.
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Tygert Bruton “Ty” Pennington or just Ty Pennington, born as Gary Tygert Bruton on 19th Oct. 1964, is a well known American Television Host, Model, Philanthropist and a Carpenter.
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Ty Pennington became popularized for being the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition which currently airs on ABC in US and Ty’s Great British Adventure which airs on UKTV home in UK. Today, there are lots of fans of Ty Pennington around the world and these fans are often interested to contact Ty Pennington. The various ways by which one can contact Ty Pennington are given below: -
(1) Contact Ty Pennington at his official website:
(2) Contact Ty Pennington at address: Ty Pennington, 2554, Lincoln Blvd. #660, Venice, CA 90291, USA.
(3) Contact Ty Pennington through Publicist address: Ty Pennington, Stan Rosenfield & Associates, Inc., 2029 Century Park E., Suite 1190, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA. Phone: (310) 286-7474, Fax: (310) 286-2255.
(4) The alternative address for contacting Ty Pennington is: Ty Pennington, c/o Rebel Entertainment Partners, 5700 Wilshire Blvd. #456, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA.
(5) Ty Pennington can also be contacted at social networking websites like and
(6) Ty Pennington is also associated with several charities and he often visits them time to time so this can also be taken as an opportunity to contact him.

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