Does Doris Day have children?

Does Doris Day have children? Who is Doris Day's son?
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Singer and actress Doris Day had one child, a son named Terry, from her marriage to trombonist Al Jorden. Terry died in 2004.
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Doris Day was 16 when she married Jorden. The marriage lasted two years (from 1941 to 1943). Day went on to marry a saxophonist named George Weidler. That marriage lasted three years. Doris Day married Martin Melcher in 1951 and her son took Melcher's last name. The marriage to Melcher lasted 17 years until Martin's death in 1968.

Terry Melcher was an American musician and record producer. He is perhaps best known for his association to mass murdered Charles Manson. Manson was an aspiring musician in 1968 who had several promising meetings with Melcher. When Terry Melcher decided not to give Manson a record contract, Manson was incensed and began talking to members of his so called "Family," a group of young malcontents, about a coming race war. On the evening of Aug. 9, 1969, Manson sent several members of his Family to Melcher's former home in the Hollywood Hills with orders to kill everyone at the house. It was there that actress Sharon Tate, hairdresser Jay Sebring and three others were brutally murdered.

Terry Melcher
won a Golden Globe nomination for co-writing the song Kokomo with The Beach Boys. He died of cancer at age 62.

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